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We are trying to build a large scale Internet Platform and Business, with a purpose of making a significant social impact, beyond Profits, Shareholder value etc. the obvious which everyone is doing and yes, with another uncompromising goal of making it truly User Centric (making the User the king, rest all is secondary; yes we found from our years of research, its possible!).

We have put our everything in the initiative, lot of skin in the game (investments, years of research, sacrifices, compromises, hard work against all odds with perseverance and unshakable convictions, standing for etc.) and doing things slightly or lot differently, in everything we do, as our case is new and unique in our way.

We are raising small-time investments, loans (with attractive monthly returns) from crowd/people instead of relying on typical Angel/VC funding 100%, after exhausting our own and have seen some initial traction (experimental).

We want it to take to the next level and inviting people who may be interested in connecting us to prospects, who can invest/lend some funds, if convinced and reward 10% commission on conversion.

You may find more details here on this page too.


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