Lets set the context!

What’s your story? Whats your motivation to pursue a journey as hardest as that of Entrepreneurship (or a so-termed startup in its truest sense)?

Entrepreneurship (or Starting up) is not cool and is not for everyone; it grinds, it gruels for long years, till you attain your celebrity tag, the hunted glory, pride and wished wealth. And you are going to compromise, trade many things for it along the way!

Wait, are you out their for the glory, fame, the money, for the love of what you do or can do? Well there are easier & better ways to fulfill all that, if so!

Then, do you wish to make a dent with your abilities and aspirations? And with what?

With the next millionth App/Site/Algorithm/Drone/Robot/Idea.. which is “Transnformational” or “will move the humanity forward”?
Lets be honest and re-think if truly your product/business can transform the sector/space or will be a super unicorn or your stuff will move the human race forward.

On the contrary, have you thought responsibly, it could be another me-too stunt, it could actually be adding to the digital clutter, which everyone (MBA assembly line, Engineers, Designers..) today, are contributing to, because of pure self-aspirations and over “sensational”ization of Entrepreneurship/Startups in the ecosystem (is Billionaire Tech Entrepreneurs list of recent times inspiring us?).

Lets not encourage the delusion that starting a company is something to be done by masses to get rich, be famous, to be one’s own boss, to give life to ideas/creativity or even to create jobs!
In the bigger picture, your potential and non-breakthrough ideas/innovations can be leveraged by the companies and projects which can actually transform, change the world and chances are they are struggling for smart talent like you! Alternatively, we could build individual enterprises (micro, small) or lifestyle businesses in masses, instead of hustling or endeavoring a me-too startup!

If we think, everyone is making a social impact by trying to build a mediocre or me-too business/company because that also will employ few hundreds or thousands of people, if at all, we are not so right if we look at the bigger picture and the side effects too.
And what’s the probability of making that happen (sub 1 %-ish in ‘x’ time) and is it worth the grind & side effects, and what if things jeopardize at some point, it does even after establishing a business and all this for the wrong reasons?

MSMEs are the real growth engine of an economy, globally, to the extent that in some nations their counterparts, the corporate contribute as low as one third to the economy! Shouldn’t we rather try building more micro-enterprises and small businesses, as citizens and employ few people (1:10 sort average ratio) which will thrive with more certainty fueled with passion, talent and creativity?

The point here is not certainly to discourage entrepreneurship/startups, rather to alert wishers & aspirants and the ecosystem (me-too-investors, investors, incubators, influencers, media, academia..) to not chant only the brighter side and success stories and mislead the generation. We should be equally vocal about failures, disasters and so forth to keep the right balance. Over celebritization & sensationaliizng entrepreneurship is becoming a dangerous double-edged sword in the tech world!

Hopefully the above category visualization helps a bit in guiding us all, when/whom/where to support and encourage and if required be harsh to the rest for common good.


Now lets go back to the “title” of the write up after setting some background, hopefully!

We have embarked on a long term journey driven by all or at least two of the above flavors (High Growth, Social Impact & Transformational) and looking to join hands with wannapreneurs with any philosophy as long as they are willing to unite and make a bigger impact and share the success.

We invite all wannapreneurs or people looking for co-founders/partners, to work & succeed together!

  • You may come from any walk of life or functional domain or experience
  • Affiliations, Skills, Knowledge would not matter much, a strong will & fighting attitude would
  • You would not need the typical hustling, entrepreneurial grind
  • No running after funds/investors/funding as you would alone otherwise
  • No specific investment mandated, but a little to demonstrate stake putting
  • No tech/marketing/penetration/strategy puzzles
  • 3 to 6 months giving your 500%, taking care of a baby you can choose off few
  • 100 crores stake and 99% chances of winning
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