Get up to 17x appreciation in 5 years

Your investment’s Return Matrix
(for the cash component only, Sweat equity brings you additional stake)

* ‘n/a’ – implies ‘Exit’ not applicable for that Investment in that Duration.

  • There are various models and arrangements with Corporate Governance Compliance where the investment can be executed and return can be offered.
  • Equity Option – Shares worth the promised return amount will be reward e.g. if “6 lakhs” was invested in “Equity” route and return promised is “6x” in 2 years, investor will be rewarded “36 lacs” of stake after 2 years.
  • With time, company will provide online self-care portal/tools to manage the relationship and provide periodic updates and information that investors would like to be informed of, by signing appropriate NDAs, time to time.
  • Founders themselves have invested crores of cash and put in stake (self-funds, loans, sweat, put in everything..) and have been working on research, problem solving, roadmapping, strategies for years before ‘Starting’ or socializing the information available publicly! It’s about Creating & Sustaining an Enduring & Meaningful Brand, Beyond Business and Making Things Better while doing Business and Innovations!

Mukesh Sharma: 50k

Sreejesh S: 100k

Sumeet Wadhawan: 222k

Ravi Ranjan: 45k

Amit Kumar: 200k

Chose to not disclose: 12 lakhs

Ranit: 75k

Navin Meshram: 22k

Bedabrata Ray: 135k


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