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India, not a land of snake charmers, but of Women Puppeteers?

India as one of the fast developing large economies and the largest democracy in the world, has been going through it’s share of evolutionary goods and the evils. It might not be the land of snake charmers as once used to be tagged, but no way, its nearing the highway of true socioeconomic development or..

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The virtues of Best People make them apparently Vulnerable too often! But pay the price, don’t stop being so good!

The best people: A. Possess a great deal of Empathy! B. Are humble and exhibit a meek demeanour with a poor appetite of pride, acceptance, recognition from others and do not feel insecure compared to others. C. Have a feeling for Beauty! D. Are self-less, care to Help others, going beyond comfort zones, if needed…

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Success is being able to live with and on your values!

We form beliefs & perceptions and carry world views primarily based on our life experiences, our knowledge of things, illusive comfort levels and the way we were taught, guided & upbrought. We often become victims of our not-so-right Self-Beliefs and World Views to the point of jeopardizing Great Things that we otherwise could have made..

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