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No one is actually making products for the User – the cursed prince(s)!

Do we really need 100s of food ordering brokers (Tomatos, Potatos, Sweetys, Menus..) and compare/scan thier offers, combo packages? If yes, what can we do to not torture the consumer, the user? As a foreigner to your territory, i do not know of the best broker, so i queried for reviews! Don’t tell me i..

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Discourage most startups, wannapreneurs – surely celebritization and sensationalizing of Entrepreneurship!

What’s your story? Whats your motivation to pursue a journey as hard as that of Entrepreneurship (or a so-termed startup in its truest sense)? Entrepreneurship (or Starting up) is not cool and is not for everyone; it grinds, it gruels for long years, till you attain your celebrity tag, the hunted glory, pride and wished..

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Investors should factor in Butterfly Effects (small causes can have larger effects)!

The Internet Civilization and Growing Globalization has been amassing information oceans for decades to everyone’s leverage in real time. The challenge for humanity in the digital age, in any context, is filtering out the noise, chaos, finding needles from haystacks and best capitalize the information asymmetries! Its so natural for human nature to attempt to..

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