Category: Adversities, Challenges

The virtues of Best People make them apparently Vulnerable too often! But pay the price, don’t stop being so good!

The best people: A. Possess a great deal of Empathy! B. Are humble and exhibit a meek demeanour with a poor appetite of pride, acceptance, recognition from others and do not feel insecure compared to others. C. Have a feeling for Beauty! D. Are self-less, care to Help others, going beyond comfort zones, if needed…

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Success is being able to live with and on your values!

We form beliefs & perceptions and carry world views primarily based on our life experiences, our knowledge of things, illusive comfort levels and the way we were taught, guided & upbrought. We often become victims of our not-so-right Self-Beliefs and World Views to the point of jeopardizing Great Things that we otherwise could have made..

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