This particular mysterious phrase ‘New World Order’ has been widely discussed by historians and religious activists in the past centuries when light of civilisation first emerged. Different opinions about the future of this political world has gone viral in all aspects of life from politics to religion. All these ideas though seems to converge at one point, that a future world of one government, one set of rule of law and one currency is soon to take place.

These claims are supported by the lately political array the world has taken. Formation of international peacekeeping agencies to making peace treaties is one proof of the presumptuous idea. The formation international political bodies like the United Nations (UN) and the North Atlantic Treaty Organisations (NATO), is another factor that supports this claims. The high-end committee members of these organisations are also global figures in the political world.

Though the global domination still seems not belonging to a particular nation or people. The scramble for superpower is still under cold struggle despite the hypocritic peace treaties made by the nations involved.

However, it is almost posible to guess that the United States (US) is the tip of this suppremacy pyramid. Following its millitary dominance which is a major factor in judgement of power, it stands to be the head nation of the world.

Therefore, there is no doubt that  the global dominance will possibly be achieved by the US. Though some union of countries like Soviet Union and China are trying to potray a similar potentiality as the US, the US government is trying so hard to avoid a state of lawless world.

Due to the availability of lately sofisticated military machines, it is feared that one bloody military confrontation is soon going to break out. Afterwards, is when the winning party will establish total power over the whole world.