– is a Scalable Opensource Full Text Search and Analytics Engine.

– can Store, Search and Analyze huge data sets, quickly, near real time.

– is generally used as underlying technology, to enable use cases with complex search requirements.

– is licensed under the Apache License version 2.0.


What does Full-Text Search mean?

Full-text search is a comprehensive search method that considers every word of the input search qualifier/text, for a match against every word within the documents/files, to be searched against, in the storage/database.

Internet Search Engines, Document Editing Softwares make use of full-text search technique. It lets the user find a word or phrase anywhere within the file/document storage (aka database).

Elasticsearch (or search software), can execute the search fast, because, instead of searching the text directly in the document/file base, it searches an Index. Its like finding the pages of a a book matching a keyword by referring the Index at the back, instead of matching each word in each page.

This type of index is called an Inverted Index, because it inverts “PAGE-> WORDs” kind of data structure to “WORD -> PAGEs” data structure.

Elasticsearch uses Apache Lucene to create and manage Indexes or core indexing engine.


Elasticsearch example use-cases:

  • An online-store can keep the entire product catalog & inventory on Elasticsearch, offer users to search and enable suggestions as user types search text (autocomplete).
  • Lot of people leverage Elasticsearch to collect log, transaction data and centralize them (on ES) from various sources and mine, analyze to make sense out of it (trends, statistics, summarizations, anomalies..).

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