India as one of the fast developing large economies and the largest democracy in the world, has been going through it’s share of evolutionary goods and the evils. It might not be the land of snake charmers as once used to be tagged, but no way, its nearing the highway of true socioeconomic development or towards a developed nation!
India’s Tradition and DNA of diversity seems to stay eternally, manifesting itself in different complex fabrics, not necessarily with the ever incredible cultural & traditional assortment.

With an open economy, accelerating globalization rafting ‘digital’ waves, its creating new forms of social divisions, tribes and ever concerning inequalities.

Different Indias are forming inside India, to be picky for the context of the article, on a macro-level: An Urban India and A Rural India!

What are the contemporary challenges Women of India facing in these different Indias and in India?


A curse to the Indian Society. Its flourishing despite the progress of time, development and growth in India. Its deeply embedded in many communities, sections in India and is ever getting passed on to generations, still!

Indian National Crime Record Bureau: In 2012, 18,233 Dowry Death cases were reported across India. This means a bride was burned every 90 minutes, or dowry issues cause 1.4 deaths per year per 100,000 women in India.

Sexual Harassment

India stays at the forefront in making news globally, in many categories, for the wrong reasons and is one of worst countries in crime; exemplifying all forms of sexual exploitation: Homes, Streets, Offices, Public Transportation (is there a safe place in some parts of India?).

‘Delhi’ can be rewarded the glorious tag of being a ‘Rape Capital’ in the world! About One fourth or less of sexual harassment/crime cases, actually gets reported, as it puts the victim(s) to shame (social set up).

Amazing! What people leave on street!!

In 6 out of 10 rape cases, the victim is a minor girl and here goes some more boost-able stats (lets go by the overall message, than ever accurate stats):

  • A crime is committed against women – every 7 minutes!
  • A woman is molested – every 26 minutes!
  • A rape happens – every 34 minutes!
  • A sexual harassment event – every 42 minutes!
    Equal Pay at Work

    Domestic Violence

    Status of Widows

    Property Rights

    Military Service

    Selective Abortion & Infanticide

    Bride Burning

    Disparity in Education

    Child Marriages

    Inadequate Nutrition


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