You, me and so everyone can mold ourselves into a high performer by changing our outlook and attitude! But it needs one, to be aware, conscious and willing to correct course, be willing to improve. What if we resolve to improve daily bit by bit? The moment you make a deep commitment to becoming a high performer who outstand and to burn all your bridges to the person you were once, your career/life will change dramatically (for the better)!

The most saddening personal failure for human beings is probably the difference of what we were capable of becoming and what we in fact are, at any point! Good news is, everyone has the potential to become hundred times more capable and potent of what one thinks one is or could be!


We need to first make the resolution of raising the bar, the standards that we will work and live by!
Think, introspect, reflect the way you spend your days and check if your agenda reflects the priorities, work ethics and values, accordingly do immediate course corrections, if needed.

Its a good idea to find someone you look up to at the workplace and ask often if there is something you could do better, but do not go too far in pleasing only one mentor or person. You have your checklist and gauge other’s feedback, suggestions against those, especially whether those align with your very own goals and values.

To be outstanding at the workplace, it needs more than just showing up on time and getting your assignments done. Going beyond the mandatory, the unasked that will make a difference to the employer howsoever tiny it be, is a great gesture that any employer on earth should be glad about.

Go ahead and run the extra miles no matter you get recognition, reward back or not, become victim of biases or workplace politics or not, commit yourself to:

1. Taking Ownership, Accountability.

2. Taking Initiative.

3. Constant learning and reading.

4. Being engaged with some work even if nothing is put on your plate that will help you and your employer first.

5. Being kind, considerate and helping others.

6. Making time to think, reflect, plan, measure the day few or couple of times.

7. Network, Mingle with co-workers who are positive, driven towards excellence.

8. Open mindedness, flexibility and going beyond comfort zones habitually.

9. Truly dedicating for the success of the project/assignment/customer/employer and the bigger picture where your assignment/project sets in.

10. Taking care of yourself amidst everything (its possible!).

The will to win, the desire to succeed, the urge to reach your full potential… these are the keys that will unlock the door to personal excellence.

– Confucius