The best people:

A. Possess a great deal of Empathy!

B. Are humble and exhibit a meek demeanour with a poor appetite of pride, acceptance, recognition from others and do not feel insecure compared to others.

C. Have a feeling for Beauty!

D. Are self-less, care to Help others, going beyond comfort zones, if needed.

E. Possess the discipline to tell the Truth and behold to Values!

F. Care and try to keep their words, promises!


G. Are givers, they find joy in giving, gifting, making a difference!

H. Have the courage to take Risks!

F. Trust by default or not doubt, until breached. Are optimists!

G. Have the capacity to Sacrifice!

H. Are not faint-hearted!

I. Are more willing to make mistakes, accept criticism and being misunderstood!

J. May not be conformers and obedient to norms but do care to do good to society!

These virtues of best people, make them often vulnerable and people take advantage of them. Thats in a way irony! But isn’t the path of good and the righteous supposed to be tough?

Everyone has goodness inside and some or most of the above traits & beyond to some degrees, but most people in the world, would stop being nice after one or few bad experiences; we become over cautious and skeptical and there is a cost that we pay due to that for the rest of our lives by closing those goodness & vulnerable doors! This is also an irony!

The cost of stopping being nice is that of distrusting the trustworthy, missing great opportunities that often knock our doors along the way because of pre-conditioned caution and skepticism, playing safe to gain less!

Yes its tough for everyone to be that stupid like Best People would apparently look and bringing that courage after the past experience(s)! Best people ( or some will call them stupid people 🙂 ) somehow seem to be not much affected despite past bitter experiences!

Just a thought, all of us are good the way we are and we look best that way!