Do we really need 100s of food ordering brokers (Tomatos, Potatos, Sweetys, Menus..) and compare/scan thier offers, combo packages? If yes, what can we do to not torture the consumer, the user?

As a foreigner to your territory, i do not know of the best broker, so i queried for reviews! Don’t tell me i want 1 million search results for that and most of the top listings are not reviews in fact!
Pathetic state of matters!

The same goes across the gamut of user’s needs and digital experience: jobs, dating, daily living/hyperlocals, matrimony, classifieds, learning, tutorials, travel, news, online purchase…

Too much of options, Too much of clutter, Too much of irrelevancies, Dumbest of your Smartness-es & Glorified AI in even not being able to personalize consumer experiences to some degree or beat anonymity well!

Its frustrating, time wasting and health costing (because of unnecessary additional digital/device time spent digging, hunting, cleaning, comparing stuff, distracting/invasive call outs/pop-ups/commercials)!

Why one has to come across and be hijacked by this kind of a web service/site in the world in the 21st century, not sure, how i landed through a search result link!

Can we get so cheap, irresponsible and desperate for the hope of earning few bucks if someone ever lands to this junk and clicks on an Ad, one after every two lines of Tutorial Content! Such practices, facilitation be better called off:

Come on world, have mercy on users, you celebrity entrepreneurs and everyone out there adding to the digital clutter!

Humanity needs to do something about the democratic and no-governance craziness of the digital world, information clutter, irresponsible and selfish pursuits across the board by everyone!

Its a mobile world now? Mobile Apps are not cluttery? You “irresponsible”s and “selfish/mean/cheapster”s expect Users to carry 1000s of Apps!! Should we use the mobile as we did/do with the computer, install softwares?

(Android) Play Store alone is showing 4 millionish “i can’t live without” Apps!

Graphics from:

Wake up world, wake up civilization, wake up you Investors (money making can be more responsible too), wake up Wannaprenurs, me-too Entrepreneurs, it cant go like this!

Please for heaven’s sake at least never tell you care for the User or you actually build stuff for him/her – completely cursed me/you/the User!