Imagine a household not making ends meet or even not being able to fulfill reasonable needs, desires! What if a
significant percentage of a society is so because of youth unemployability!

Every other societal macro issue would appear tiny at the face of national unemployability. Most of the developing nations, let alone underdeveloped ones, have education systems that are not industry ready, life ready for youth.

Even employed workforces globally suffer some form of skill gap, deprivation in abundance, hindering growth and prosperity. Most initiatives from governments and other entities in the economy, ever, are far from even being tagged as ‘an optimistic endeavor’ and most try to address symptoms, if not, a specific aspect of the causes. It’s a giant wicked problem though.

We will avoid talking about statistics here! Everywhere, everyone has it, its hell scary!

Need of the hour is having holistic strategies and mass participation to execute solution mixes as below:

  • Generating Awareness in Societies.
  • Campaigns for Mindset Shifts and Education to parents, children and youth in terms of youth Education & Career Planning.
  • Industry coming forth, influencing and getting involved with Academia bit by bit.
  • Innovations to create newer kind of work opportunities beyond conventional work models and jobs.
  • Promoting Entrepreneurship & Individual Enterprising aggressively.
  • Bringing all Vocational Training, Industry Readying Training providers under various supervising, advisory, research bodies and consistent audit and updation of training content, ways.
  • Governments undertaking long term and large scale initiatives, starting at grass root levels of education.
  • People coming forth and making a difference. There ought to be digital platforms where people can guide the community and youth to show direction to education and career road mapping of children and youth.
  • Non-Profits working collaboratively and meticulously doing their significant bit.
  • Channelizing and Centralizing donations, charity and philanthropic funds through technology platforms moderated by industry leaders who genuinely exhibit CSR and is a significant strategic function of their enterprises.
  • Building a supervising, regulatory, advisory association of thought leaders and credible people, with public-private participation to oversee and empower individual plans and execution.
  • Technology Platforms to bring all the agents, entities together and enabling to work with shared prosperity while pursuing their individual interests.
  • Mass Campaigns, Initiatives and Platforms to motivate and provide solutions to Skill Gaps of even employed work forces across nations.
  • Initiatives to encourage, motivate people, work forces to be role models of consistent skill updates, chasing aspirations, wise finance management, life-long learning and so on.
  • Everything else that makes sense and can make a difference.
  • Most importantly, we need a group of committed people coming forth and taking up this single mission in every nation and making it their reason of existence and true purpose!

    We can not expect things to happen on its own; social problems are like that, they are no one’s problem! There is plenty of funds, schemes, charitable money in the world and so are solutions in theory, what lacks is true ownership of such social wicked problems!

    The bigger the adversity & the challenges, the better and plenty are opportunities for optimists, positive and driven people. It definitely opens large scale entrepreneurial opportunities for today’s startups to chase part of these solutions and build meaningful platforms that will help move the human race forward!