“Tell me about yourself.”

is an ice breaker, a way to make the candidate feel comfortable and come in rhythm, at ease during a job interview.

It is also a way for the interviewer to get insight into candidate’s personality and see if the candidate will be a fit for the culture, challenges, expectations, chemistry (apart from job skills, knowledge etc).



Everyone likes to be in good company, we choose friends who are apparently special looking to us in some way or the other, are like-minded etc.

A candidate (especially an entry level aspirant) should take this opportunity and sell his/her unique personal “character”-istic strengths e.g. passionate, energetic, quest for learning, exploring things, discipline, helping nature, empathetic side, team play, leadership abilities, playing in unknown terrains, taking initiatives etc. with referable examples, stories from personal life and past!

Chip in your personal interests and hobbies that may or may not relate to the work.

The whole point so far is about making the other person know who you are at the core (you can save time not telling your name, education, where-from etc. that should already be in the resume!).

Then finally transition from personal to professional side: key skills, achievements, how you can help the interviewer’s firm/org etc.

Adjust, vary lengthiness, detailing, how much or how less to tell, based on interviewer’s attention and keenness and most importantly make it a conversation not a Robotic Script Narration!

* Written as a quick tip especially for entry level mass aspirants who in my experience sound/answer alike to this question and sound uttering a practiced, memorized script! Be natural, be conversing 🙂

Hope this helps someone!

Please reach out/comment if you would like any personalized help in your job seeking, for career guidance in your foundational years.

Best of Luck!