Societies across borders and continents on large scale are (and becoming) part of an “Internet Civilization” and that in turn, is leading to formation of new Communities and Commerce transcending physical boundaries and driving the future courses of global order, leadership, economic systems and world development!

The World and Social Scene could still be a zero sum game in the way of an ever dreamt egalitarian society or acceptable levels of social stratification!

Internet brings unprecedented level of access to up-to-date information & empowering tools. And a correlation of growth with information/technology leverage is evident across the spectrum.

Never in the history of human evolution, had men such a world reaching and impacting technology phenomenon that could be innovatively leveraged to highly step up Societal Development and more inclusively so, than was ever possible, irrespective of nations, communities, world governance and leaderships!

At the same time, the very evolution and development of the Internet (based tools/systems/models/ecosystems) itself, has been inherently non-collaborative, from a holistic standpoint and is ever getting driven, largely by self- pursuits (of an entity or of a group with shared interests or of an ecosystem of an entity/group) resulting in innovations and models, that on many occasions, worsens the overall state of things or from a specific important perspective, at times!

The need of the hour is better order and governance without hindering democratic innovations and experiments, extreme collaboration, noise reduction and most importantly responsible acts from the players, aspirants rising above solely-self-success agendas!

The user (consumer) be brought to the center stage, be given the Throne and the Crown!

We need businesses, systems, standard bodies, associations pave this for common good, shared prosperity and for the well being of the future of civilization.