If we are concerned with the current state of things (societal, environmental, cultural, civilization, government, online world, business models/practices..) and are willing to do something about them, the only solution is to create new foundations/models based on which things can evolve to the desired state.

To “Make Things Better”, we must have to do more than fighting with existing realities; we must have to find new ways of doing things and show that the new models work and are better, instead of letting matters get worse.

We need to build communities that are open to have visions for different models (for undesired existing realities..) and work on ways to have those new models planted in the present systems and demonstrate they are indeed better and practical, for a better tomorrow.

We should lay foundations today addressing current flaws and one where future evolution, value creation and innovations can base on, for Common Good and Shared Prosperity. We can make things better only by introducing new models, thought holistically, that can make people start living in new paradigms, willingly giving up the current.

Foundations on which future of civilization might depend upon!

Lets care, dare and build together new models and ways of doing things, for improving human life inclusively..